Zandvoort beach

News of: Monday, May 28 2012,

Extra trains to and from Amsterdam and Zandvooort beach

The Dutch Railways have announced they will use extra trains between Amsterdam and Zandvoort.

Update 1pm:
There is fog on the beach, most people are now leaving the beach.
Due to the nice weather yesterday, traffic to the beach resorts along the Dutch coast got completely stuck. Parking lots were completely full.

Today the Dutch Railways uses twice the amount of trains between Amsterdam and Zandvoort. Today is an official holiday in the Netherlands, so the beaches are expected to be very busy again.

Zandvoort is Amsterdam's main beach resort, and just half an hour by train from Amsterdam.
The train station in Zandvoort is just a few minutes' walk from the beach.

On you can find the train schedules (type 'Amsterdam Centraal Station' and 'Zandvoort aan Zee' as destinations).

Zandvoort beach

Zandvoort beach