News of: Monday, August 14 2006,

Electric car offered by Amsterdam Hilton and Okura hotel

The top hotels Amsterdam Hilton and the Amsterdam Okura Hotel offer a special electric car to their guests since August 9.

The cars are hip, small electric cars, which are especially suitable for use in a city. The cars can have 2 persons, and have a maximum speed of 45 km per hour (28 miles per hour).

The car is called Qiq (picture, source:, and has an advanced navigation system. The rent is E 75 per 8 hours.

The reason the Okura Hotel and the Hilton Hotel start offering this service, may be that they are located just south of the old centre (Hilton in Amsterdam South, Okura in 'De Pijp'), which means guests will have to walk to the old centre for about 15-30 minutes, or take a taxi or public transport. The Qiq car may very well prove to be a suitable and convenient service.

The car rental is still a test, but if successful, may be offered by other hotels as well.