News of: Tuesday, June 14 2005,

Dutch train stations get wireless internet (WiFi)

Thirty Dutch train stations will offer a wireless internet connection.

The first train station to get WiFi internet is Utrecht, starting today.
By the end of September 30 larger train stations will have a wireless connection, amongst which Amsterdam Central Station and the train station of Schiphol Airport.

The connection is available in the entire train station, also on the platforms, in the shops and cafe's that belong to the station.

The connection is not for free: you can buy a special 'kraskaart' -for 1 hour it is 5 euro, 1 day 10 euro, 1 week 15 euro and 1 month 30 euro. These cards can be bought at the Kiosks that can be found on the platforms or in the station halls.
Payment with a credit card will also be possible.