News of: Tuesday, February 12 2013,

Dutch Parliament for total smoking ban in pubs

Today Dutch Parliament voted in favour of a total ban on smoking in all cafes, bars and pubs.

A smoking ban has been in effect since 2008, but in 2010 an exception was made for small pubs (maximum 75 square meter), without employees. These small pubs were allowed to decide themselves whether or not they allow smoking inside.

Parliament voted today in favour of a total ban on smoking. The reason is general health concerns, and the fact that the exception for small pubs causes confusion (for pub owners and enforcement staff).
If the government will follow up on this, this means that smoking in pubs will only be possible in separated smoking rooms.

At the end of this month there will be a debate in Parliament with the government, about the measures the government would like to take. The government is not in favour of a total ban on smoking.

The total smoking ban will not take effect immediately.