Against 1040 studying hours per year

News of: Thursday, November 29 2007,

Demonstration by high school students on Amsterdam Museumplein on Friday - possible riots

For tomorrow (Friday November 30), a national demonstration has been announced, which will take place on the Museumplein square (where the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum are located).

The demonstration is organized by LAKS, an organisation of high school students. The demonstration is targeted against the 1040 hours per year students have to spend at school. They complain that (due to a lack of teachers) they have to spend idle time at school.
Because the government persists in the 1040 hours rule, the demonstration has been announced.

Earlier this week, similar demonstrations in various towns got out of hand, and resulted in damage, violence and rioting.

Because of these fears, the organizing committee has announced several safety measures, such as bag checks. Also, the demonstration will take place on a specific part of Museumplein square, blocked off by fences.

The demonstration will take place from noon till 2 pm.

Against 1040 studying hours per year

Against 1040 studying hours per year