De Tinkoepel

De Tinkoepel

Situated in an 18th century monumental teahouse, moved to its present location in 1968 is one of the last pewter foundries left in the Netherlands.
Pewter has been made in the Netherlands since the Bronze Age (1900 BC) for the manufacture of utensils and weapons. Pewter is a silver-grey metal and is soft and malleable.
All pewter products are guaranteed to be lead free and therefore safe for daily use.

The Tinkoepel is one of the few remaining traditional pewter foundries left in the Netherlands. All products are cast and finished by hand. Authentic bronze moulds are used of which the oldest dates from 1697. In this charming 18th century teahouse at the beginning of the Kalverringdijk daily demonstrations are given (weather permitting). The Tinkoepel has a range of pewter products for sale.

Kalverringdijk 1, Zaandam

Opening hours:
7 days a week, 11-4 (closed January 1, December 25)
Entrance fee:
No fee

Location of De Tinkoepel Full screen map
Tinkoepel @ Zaanse Schans

Tinkoepel @ Zaanse Schans

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