News of: Monday, November 13 2006,

Controversial 'Bodies, the Exhibition' in Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage

The controversial exhibition 'Bodies, the Exhibition' will open in Amsterdam, in the Beurs van Berlage, on November 25.

The exhibition shows real human bodies, in order to educate about the structure and the workings of the human body.
The bodies have been conserved with a special process, so that decay is not possible.

The exhibition has been in various countries, adn the fact that real human remains are displayed has caused controversy worldwide. The bodies are from China, and the question is whether the bodies were all obtained legally (and ethically).

There were protests in Florida, Seattle, New York, London, and other places.

One thing is certain: the controversy has hurt the ticket sales nowhere.

The show will be from November 25 to March 15, daily Sunday through Wednes 10am to 6pm, and Thursday through Saturday to 10pm.