News of: Tuesday, January 23 2007,

Compulsory photo id card for 9 Amsterdam clubs also for tourists

Nine clubs in Amsterdam will require a photo id pass for entry, starting on Friday January 26.

The 9 clubs are Ministry, Party Crew, La Rumba, The News, Bubbles, Het Feest van Joop, Sinners, Club Royalty and Jantjes Verjaardag.

The card will cost E 5.-, and is available at the entrance of the clubs. The card is intended to make it possible to refuse entry to visitors who have misbehaved in the past. In cases of misbehaviour, a code will be written on the card, leading to a variable period of refusal of entry (from a month for e.g. excessive drinking, to 3 months for violence and forever for e.g. drug trading).

The card requirement is for everyone, also for visitors from abroad. You will not need to bring a photo yourself, as a picture will be taken in the club.
The card will be valid for a year. When you have the card, you can simply swipe it before a card reader to enter the club.

If successful, other clubs are interested to join the system.