News of: Tuesday, September 26 2006,

Completely green sports centre in Amsterdam - De Baarsjes

The new sports centre and swimming pool Sportplaza Mercator will become a remarkable building.

Not only will there be a garden on the roof, the entire building will be covered with plants. The gables will are covered with a new, patented, layer system, which will have more than 50 different kinds of plants, shrubs and even trees (that will be cut). The appearance of the building will change with the seasons.
See the website (only in Dutch) for some pictures.

The new complex has a 25 meter public swimming pool and offers all kinds of fitness facilities and sports programmes.

The centre is located at Jan van Galenstraat 315, and is open 7 days a week. In the swimming pool a daily programme applies, for all kinds of target groups. 'Free swimming' is allowed at specific times. For information, you can call 020 61 88 911.