News of: Friday, December 26 2008,

Club 11 to re-open on new location in Amsterdam, March 2009

The well-known Club 11 has found a new location in Amsterdam, where it will re-open in March 2009.

The name of the club derives from the 11th floor it occupied in the POST-CS building, close to the Central Station. The restaurant/club was know for its fabulous view over Amsterdam, in all directions.
The club closed in June of this year, as the building is going to be renovated.

The club found a new place in the former 'Trouw/Parool' building along Wibautstraat (just South-East of the centre of Amsterdam).

The concept of the club will remain largely the same: experimental electronic music, and good food.
The building it will rent is a former newspaper production site. The dance floor will be in the same room where once the newspapers Trouw and Parool were printed - an 8 meter high hall with very good sound insulation.

Part of the plan is an exhibition space in the cellar of the building.

The club will have space for 450 clubbers, the restaurant for 80.