News of: Wednesday, July 20 2005,

City and police Amsterdam deny Al-Qaeda threat Sail 2005

This morning one of the big Dutch newspapers, the Telegraaf, wrote on its front page that Al-Qaeda had threatened European cities with 'London like' attacks if Western countries don't withdraw from Iraq.

According to the Telegraaf, Sail 2005 is one of the possible targets.

The police and city authorities of Amsterdam have, however, denied that there is any concrete information that such an attack would occur.

The Netherlands is one of the countries that sent troops to Iraq, and has therefore been mentioned as one of the possible targets for a terrorist attack by Al-Qaeda.

Sail 2005 is a large event in Amsterdam, that takes place between August 17 and 22. Large crowds are expected to see the tall ships that will visit Amsterdam, and the other events that take place.

Newspaper the Telegraaf can not say where it got the information for the possible attack.