News of: Monday, December 12 2005,

Christmas lights in windmill 'De Gooyer'

The chairman of Amsterdam-Centrum has officially lit the Christmas lights in the windmill 'de Gooyer' in the east part of the centre.

The windmill is located in the east part of the centre, a part that Amsterdam-Centrum wants to promote, because it has many interesting things to see.

The lights are attached to the wings of the windmill. De Gooyer is one of the 2 windmills that can be reached on foot from the centre of town, and is one of the eye-catching sights in the east part of the centre. It is located at Funenkade, and can also be reached with bus 22 from the Central Station (stop 'Zeeburgerstraat', the 6th stop from CS).
The other windmill near the centre is windmill 'De Otter', just west of the centre.

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