GVB Bus at Haarlemmerpoort

News of: Friday, February 12 2016,

Cash payments abolished on Amsterdam buses, because of robberies

Due to a number of (violent) robberies on Amsterdam bus drivers, the GVB (Amsterdam's bus company) has decided to cancel cash payments on buses, by the end of 2016.

This morning, a spontaneous strike broke out amongst bus drivers in Amsterdam North. This happened after a robbery the night before, part of a series of robberies on bus drivers.

To do something about the robberies, it has been decided that, by the end of 2016, all payments in cash on buses will be made impossible.

As of immediately, cash payment of day tickets and children discount tickets on buses is impossible.

The measure does not apply to trams. Purchasing tickets in metro carriages is not possible at all.

GVB Bus at Haarlemmerpoort

GVB Bus at Haarlemmerpoort