News of: Tuesday, November 28 2006,

Carillon of Westerkerk church may be silenced during the night

The authorities of Amsterdam Centrum have a plan to silence the carillon of the famous Westerkerk church during the night.

The 17th century Westerkerk church is located very close to the Jordaan area, almost next to the Anne Frank House.
The bells of the church play a tune every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day.

The authorities have received complaints from tourists who are kept awake by the bells, new inhabitants of the neighbourhood and from people who don't like the melodies.
Other inhabitants find that people who don't like the sound should move somewhere else, as the church carillon is part of the traditions of the Jordaan district.
For example, Anne Frank described the melodies of the Westerkerk church elaborately in her diary.

10 Years ago there was a similar plan. The plan was then abandoned, after protests from the neighbourhood.

Other carillons in the inner city, of the Mint Tower (Munt), Old Church (Oude Kerk) and the Zuiderkerk, also play every 15 minutes, but only during the daytime.