Map parking rates Amsterdam

News of: Wednesday, December 03 2008,

Car parking rates Amsterdam go up in 2009

The rates for on-street parking go up in 2009, in some parts dramatically.

The rates will vary between E 0.10 per hour (in some shopping streets outside the centre) to E 5.- per hour (in a large part of the centre).

The highest rate at the moment is E 4.80 p.h., but this is confined to a zone that includes mostly the medieaval part of central Amsterdam. Starting January 1, this zone will be expanded to cover most of the centre of Amsterdam, including the ring of canals.

In some parts, just outside the centre the rates go from E 2.20 to E 4.-.

The city says one of the reasons for the increase is to minimize car traffic in the centre of Amsterdam, which should improve the air quality.

A map of the 2009 parking rates can be found on this site (PDF file).
This map also indicates the P+R parking lots at the Amsterdam borders. Here you can park for E 6.- per 24 hours, for a maximum of 4 days. Public transport tickets for 5 persons, to transport you to the centre are included.

Information in English and other languages is available here.

Map parking rates Amsterdam

Map parking rates Amsterdam