News of: Saturday, August 16 2008,

Canal Festival (Grachtenfestival) started in Amsterdam

The yearly 'Grachtenfestival' (Canal Festival) has started today.

The festival is a week of musical events, mainly classical music, around the canals in the centre.

The most popular part of the festival is the Prinsengracht Concert, which is on Saturday August 23. This is a large concert on a pontoon in the Prinsengracht canal, in front of the Pulitzer Hotel (Prinsengracht 315). This is close to the Westerkerk.
The concert has turned into a national event, and is broadcast on tv as well (live). The start is 8 pm, but you need to be there earlier if you want to see something. The quays and the water will be very busy!

All information is on the site (also in English).