News of: Monday, June 13 2005,

Bollywood Oscars (IIFA Awards) in half full Amsterdam Arena

This weekend the IIFA Awards ceremony took place in the Amsterdam Arena. Not all seats were filled.

The spectacular show was broadcast to 400 million viewers worldwide, but the tickets for the show in the Arena Stadium did not sell as well as expected.
Probably this had to do with the rather steep price for the tickets (up to E 260). Another reason might have been the fact that only a few months ago it became certain that the event would take place in Amsterdam. For people travelling from a long distance (India) this might be too short a preparation period.

Next year the IIFA Awards will probably also be held in Amsterdam, which would make the preparation period long enough.
Also, it has been suggested that the admission tickets may become cheaper next time.

The visitors that were in the Arena, gave the many Bollywood stars a more than warm welcome.