News of: Sunday, January 30 2005,

Bicycles illegally removed by authorities?

The authorities of Amsterdam Centre remove bicycles that are not properly parked, but apparently this is against the law.

It removes bicycles that are parked outside the special parking racks that are placed on the streets.
Amsterdam Centre (Amsterdam is partitioned in 16 burroughs, of which Amsterdam Centre is one) claims the removal of bicycles is lawful, and refers to a local police regulation.
However, according to this regulation the authorities can remove bicycles that block the road, or are attached to a building that is owned by Amsterdam Centre. The regulation does not mention the parking of bicycles outside parking racks.

The City of Amsterdam says it will investigate the matter.

Twenty-seven percent of all transport in Amsterdam takes place by bicycle. Especially in the city centre many people ride bikes, so at all times bicycles are parked everywhere. Although the use of bicycles is promoted, the volume of parked bicycles can sometimes cause problems and is regarded as un-esthetic by some.