News of: Monday, September 28 2015,

BethaniŽnklooster no longer concert location

The BethaniŽnklooster has been sold earlier this month. It will be converted into apartments and offices.

The former monastery had been a residence for music students from all over the world, for decades. Also, it served as a concert venue for high quality classical music.
Three years ago (in 2012) it opened the Bethany's Jazz Club in the building next door. This jazz club is now closed too.

The BethaniŽnklooster is a listed monument, dating from the 15th century. In the 1970's there was a threat of demolotion, but a foundation with the purpose of saving old buildings rescued it.

The concerts that were planned in the venues have bee moved to other locations. The websites of Bethanienklooster and Bethany's Jazz Club are already empty and for sale.




Bethany's Jazz Club