News of: Monday, May 15 2006,

Bank determines sponsoring policy Stedelijk Museum

A journalist of the Volkskrant has found out that Amsterdam's modern art museum Stedelijk Museum has to ask permission by ABN Amro Bank for sponsorship contracts.

The Stedelijk Museum was made more independent from the city government a few years ago, with the purpose of making it easier to find sponsors.

The sponsor agreement between ABN Amro Bank and the Stedelijk Museum stipulates that the museum needs written permission by the bank if it wants to work with other sponsors.

The contract also says that the bank can make free use of the art experts of the museum, for its own art collection. A spokesperson of the Stedelijk Museum says this is limited to 20 free hours.
The bank also can hold receptions in the museum for its own guests, the museum will pay for the necessary staff for cleaning, security etc.
Other details from the contract are: the bank will get a number of free entrance tickets, bank clients will get a discount, all press releases, brochures and advertisements published by the museum have to be judged by the bank first.
In addition, once per year the museum has to organize a 'block buster' exhibition - an exhibition for which a certain number of visitors has to be attracted, a certain amount of advertisements have to be placed and a fixed amount of money has to be spent on public relations.

The Stedelijk says the museum will not be converted into a 'party centre' for the bank. Alderman Caroline Gehrels says the contract is a good contract between 2 good parties. She says that having clear objectives and rules is a good thing in a contract.