News of: Thursday, May 12 2005,

Architects doubt whether they will continue with Rijksmuseum

The two architects Cruz and Ortiz are having doubts on whether they want to make a new design for the Rijksmuseum redecoration.

The Rijksmuseum (famous for the Nightwatch and other Dutch masters) is currently under reconstruction. The architects in charge are Mr Cruz and Ortiz from Spain.

Typical for the Rijksmuseum building is the arch that leads to the Museumplein square behind the museum. This arch has been the centre of a controversy between the Rijksmuseum, the architects, the local authorities, local people and the cyclist union.
The controversy was about whether the new museum entrance would be inside the arch, thus becoming a hindrance for the many pedestrians and cyclist who use the arch, or outside the arch.

Last week it became known the local authorities had decided the museum entrance will not be inside the arch. This forces the architects to redesign the entrance. As the architects had already worked for 4 years on the Rijksmuseum, they are now so shocked about this decision that they have publicly cast doubt on whether they will continue with the project.