News of: Wednesday, November 14 2007,

Anne Frank tree to be cut down on November 21

The famous Anne Frank tree, the chestnut tree that Anne Frank could see from her hiding place and which she described in her diary, is finally going to be cut down.

The tree - one of the few trees in the world with its own website and own webcam) - has become too ill to maintain.
The 27 ton tree might fall down with a storm, and is now too dangerous.

Several attempts had been made by neighbours of the Anne Frank House to keep the tree, but all were unsuccessful.

The cutting down of the tree will start on Wednesday November 21, at 7am. A part of the street around will be blocked off. The cutting of the tree will be broadcast live by the local news station AT5.

After the tree has been cut down, a cut of the tree will be replanted on the same location.