News of: Thursday, November 16 2006,

'Anne Frank chestnuts' to be planted worldwide

Chestnuts from the chestnut tree that grows behind the Anne Frank House will be distributed amongst the hundreds of Anne Frank schools worldwide.

The chestnut tree is ill beyond cure, and will be cut down. The tree is described by Anne Frank in her diary several times, and became famous for that reason. She could see the tree from her hiding place at the Prinsengracht canal.

The chestnuts that fell from the tree have been collected, and the idea is to send them to the hundreds of schools worldwide that have been named after Anne Frank. That ways, the schools can grow their own Anne Frank chestnut tree.
The Anne Frank Foundation is currently finding out whether it is possible to get the chestnuts through customs.

The owner of the tree (which stands in a garden of a house at the Keizersgracht canal) agrees with the plan. He would like to get a piece of the tree to hang it on his wall.