News of: Thursday, July 03 2014,

Amsterdam will place new 'The Fault in Our Stars' bench

The movie 'The Fault in Our Stars' is so popular that Amsterdam has announced it will replace the bench along Leidsegracht that plays a role in the film. The bench that is used in the movie has disappeared, and nobody knows where it went.
The bench is still visible on Google Streetview.

'The Fault in Our Stars' is a mega hit in the US. The film is about 2 terminally ill teenagers (Hazel and Augustus both have cancer), who visit Amsterdam.
The bench on which they sit in the movie, at the Leidsegracht canal, and on which a very romantic scene takes place, has miraculously disappeared from its location, and its current location is a mystery. The disappearance made the news worldwide.

The city says it may have been removed by city workers for maintenance (but they can't verify). Others speculate inhabitants at Leidsegracht removed it because they got tired of all the tourists looking for the bench, or perhaps the bench got stolen by fans. A spokesperson of Amsterdam advised to monitor the Ebay website.

Amsterdam has now announced it will place a new bench on the same location, before the Dutch premiere of the movie on July 10.

The city marketeers are extremely happy with the effects of the film. Other than usually the case, this time Amsterdam is not portrayed as a city of 'sex, drugs and rock&roll', but rather as a romantic old town, with a lot of cultural attractions and an interesting history.
It has already been estimated that hundreds of thousands of new visitors will come to Amsterdam because of the movie, making the city millions of euros.

Location: Leidsegracht, 'Fault in Our Stars' benchFull screen map

'Fault in our stars' bench @ Leidsegracht, on Google Streetview