News of: Monday, February 14 2005,

Amsterdam wants return of car-free Sunday

Amsterdam proposes the return of the car-free Sunday, on September 18 2005.

Car-free Sunday is a one-day event, on which cars are not allowed in a part of the inner city. In the past the car-free Sunday has been held several times, but last year the city was not one of the participating cities in the European Car free Day.

This year the city intends to make part of the city car-free on September 18. Possibly the entire city will be free of cars.

With this day, the city wants to show it favours a reduction of car traffic in Amsterdam.

The day is part of the European Mobility Week 2005, an initiative of the European Union. This will have 'Clever Commuting' as a central theme. The aim is to promote sustainable trips to workplaces and schools by encouraging alternative modes of transport such as cycling, walking, public transport and car-pooling. With this focal theme, the European Mobility Week wants to contribute to reducing traffic congestion, transport-related greenhouse gases and improving the health and quality of life of European citizens.