Sex club Yab Yum at Singel

News of: Sunday, January 06 2008,

Amsterdam sex club Yam Yum definitely closed

The most famous sexclub in Amsterdam, Yab Yum, has to close definitely.

Some weeks ago the city authorities already announced they intended to revoke the club's license on the grounds that the club was suspected to play a role in criminal activities.
Yab Yum went into appeal, but lost the case. The judge ruled that Amsterdam had sufficient grounds to suspect these criminal activities.
Yab Yum will again appeal agains this decision, but this procedure may take years, and during that time the club will have to remain closed.

Under a relatively new Dutch law, the so-called Bibob Act, licences can be revoked if criminal activities of a business are suspected, such as drug trade or money laundering. Hard proof is not necessary, such as would be the case in a normal case of criminal law.

Not only Yab Yum has been closed down with the help of this law. The City of Amsterdam uses the law to 'clean up' the centre of Amsterdam, particularly the Red Light District.
One brothel owner has already sold his 13 houses in the Red Light District, that were used as brothels.
Similarly, the well-known topless bar 'Teasers' near the Central Station had to close down. 'Teasers' just re-opened, after it had sufficiently proven that it did not have any 'wrong' financial connections, and there would not be any topless serving in the bar any more.

The gay sex club 'Stablemaster', in the Red Light District, has also been closed down as of January 1, but this was on the grounds of lacking a license to host sex parties.

With the new project 'Postal code 1012' that the City of Amsterdam announced recently, the city hopes to upgrade the image of Amsterdam. Large parts of the Red Light District will have to go.

Sex club Yab Yum at Singel

Sex club Yab Yum at Singel