Signpost about cocaine/white heroine @ Amsterdam Central Station

News of: Tuesday, December 02 2014,

Amsterdam sends alert to tourist cell phones about 'coke killer'

Amsterdam is stepping up its efforts to warn tourists to Amsterdam about the fake cocaine that is being sold, and which has caused 3 casualties up till now.

Today the City of Amsterdam has sent out a mass text message to tourists' mobile phones, about the dangerous drug.

Also, the Amsterdam Health department has placed 30 text billboards on strategic locations in Amsterdam, warning people about the white heroin that is being sold as cocaine. They also spread posters and flyers in hotels and other places.

The information leaflets give information about what to do when you find someone with breathing difficulties (call 112), and stress that you will not be arrested for using drugs, or having small quantities of drugs with you.

There is now a description of the person who sold the white heroin (and is now also known as the 'coke killer'). It is a man with a dark skin, about 1.85 (6ft) tall, speaks good English, and he may have rasta hair, and he is about 35-40 years old. The police is looking for him with under-cover agents, but have not been able to find him yet.
There is a reward of E 15,000 for information leading to this man.

The electronic text boards are hugely popular with tourists, they are now probably amongst the most photographed objects in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam approach is also attracting attention in other countries. The Washing Post (from the land of the War on Drugs!) published an article under the heading 'What a sane drug policy looks like'.

Signpost about cocaine/white heroine @ Amsterdam Central Station

Signpost about cocaine/white heroine @ Amsterdam Central Station