News of: Saturday, March 12 2005,

Amsterdam out of top 10 cities 'quality of life'

Amsterdam has dropped out of the top 10 of cities with the best quality of life, according to Mercer.
It is now number 12 on that list.

In the Worldwide Quality of Living Survey (carried out annually), Zürich (Switzerland) is number 1, followed by Vancouver (Canada), Vienna (Austria) and Geneva (Switzerland) in a three-way tie.

Last year, Amsterdam ranked number 10, now number 12.

The city of Luxembourg (Luxembourg) tops the list of 'safest cities'.

The analysis for quality of life is done on the basis of 39 criteria, among which politics, economy, environment, social factors, and also education, personal safety, and health care.

Least attractive cities to live are Brazzaville (Congo) and Baghdad (Iraq).