News of: Thursday, July 07 2005,

Amsterdam on general alert after London bombings

Amsterdam is in a state of general alert after the terrorist attacks that took place in London this morning.

The mayor, Job Cohen, said information is being gathered on the highest levels, in cooperation with the government.
In Amsterdam there will be more police on the streets, and authorities have received instructions to be 'extra vigilant'. No specific further measures have been taken.

Air traffic between Schiphol Amsterdam airport and London is not affected at this time. All flights between Amsterdam and London are carried out as planned.

On a national level no measures have been taken yet, only on a local level, on places that have a connection with the United Kingdom (such as harbours and airports).

The Dutch prime minister said that he agreed with Mr Blair that the G8 conference should continue. Queen Beatrix has sent a telegram to Queen Elizabeth, expressing her compassion with the victims in London.