News of: Tuesday, June 10 2008,

Amsterdam moves top 10 of the world's business centres

This appears from the MasterCard Worldwide Centers of Commerce Index 2008, that was published on Sunday. The list is published once a year, commissioned by credit card company Mastercard.

This makes Amsterdam number 4 in Europe, after the traditional big three: London, Paris and Frankfurt.

From the report: 'Amsterdam emerges as an important European city. A historically innovative financial center, where the concept of stock ownership was invented, Amsterdam rises to become the #4 city in Europe in the global top 10. With one of the worlds most stable economies, high standard of living and strong legal and political framework, Amsterdams rise illustrates the continued importance of Europe as a dominant global player.'
Strong points of Amsterdam are also the stable legal and political framework.

The future, however, appears to belong to Asia and Eastern Europe, whose cities represent the fastest rising regions within the Index.

In the survey, 75 cities worldwide were researched.

The report itself can be found on