News of: Thursday, September 06 2012,

Amsterdam makes map of its monumental trees

The City of Amsterdam has started to maintain a map that shows its monumental trees and other 'green monuments'.

The map is made to be better able to protect the trees and parks that have monumental value.
On the map (, you can choose to see the trees aged 50-80 years, 80-100 years and trees that are over a century old.
The oldest tree in Amsterdam is over 200 years old (it is an oak tree in Artis Zoo, next to the chimpansees.

The map also includes officially listed state monuments and city monuments. Examples are the garden layout of the Vondelpark, the design of the Oosterbegraafplaats cemetery, a lane in Artis Zoo, the garden of Amstelrust (an 18th century manor along the Amstel river), the abandoned cemetery Huis Te Vraag.

Also listed are trees with a cultural value, such as the 'Tree that saw everything'. This tree is part of a monument in Amsterdam South-East to commemorate the victims of the El-Al plane crash of October 4, 1992.