News of: Wednesday, May 16 2007,

Amsterdam in 3-D on Google Earth

The centre of Amsterdam can now be seen in 3 dimensions on Google Earth.

To make this possible, the City of Amsterdam has released 3-dimensional information of 170,000 buildings. Most of the 3D pictures are rather simple, but some landmarks can be seen in greater detail.
Eleven of these are made by the City of Amsterdam:
- Central Station,
- de Waag (Nieuwmarkt),
- Rijksmuseum,
- NEMO Science Centre,
- Royal Palace on Dam Square,
- National Monument on Dam Square,
- Old Church in the Red Light District,
- Beurs van Berlage,
- City Hall/Opera House
- Westerkerk (with the new blue imperial crown on top)
- Anne Frank House

Other buildings are also already to be seen:
- windmill 'De Gooijer' (looks quite different in real life)
- Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
- Passenger Terminal Amsterdam
- the Rembrandt Tower next to the Amstel Station.

In the near future it will become possible for home owners to 'improve' their own home on Google Earth.

The 3D buildings become visible by clicking on the '3D buildings' option the Google Earth programme.