News of: Thursday, December 22 2005,

Amsterdam historic centre to get historic street lights

A decision has been reached about the new street lights that will be used in the historic centre: the Kroonlantaarn and Ritterlantaarn will both be used.

In the past few months, 2 types of street lights had been 'tested': one called 'Ritterlantaarn' and the other 'Kroonlantaarn' (Crown lantern). The latter carries the Austrian imperial crown on top, the same crown that is also on the top of the famous Westerkerk church, next to the Anne Frank House. This crown was donated by Maximilian of Austria in 1489.

Amsterdam Centrum has decided that the street light with the crown will be used along the main ring of canals (Amstel, Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht), and some other important locations. The rest of the centre will get the Ritter lamp.

Starting 2006, the old lamps will be gradually replaced by the new ones.

Although the design of the lamps is historic, the lamps are very high-tech inside. The latest technology has been used to get the exact right colour ('white light with a warm touch', replacing the orange-like colour the current lamps have), and the lowest energy cost possible (40% less energy). The lamps are very low maintenance and vandalism-proof.

Some pictures of both new lamp types.