Tap water

News of: Thursday, September 27 2007,

Amsterdam has the best tap water in the Netherlands

The 3-yearly benchmark test of the water companies in the Netherlands shows that the best tap water can be found in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam's tap water has a score of 8.4 (on a scale from 1 to 10).

The drinking water in Amsterdam is taken from the river Rhine (pre-filtered in the sand dunes near Zandvoort), which does not provide a constant quality. The reason that the tap water is of this high quality is that the water company (Waternet) has an advanced and innovative water purification system, and constantly invests in the latest technology.
Waternet also invests in international efforts to improve the quality of the water in the river Rhine.

Amsterdam tap water has been in the top 3 since the tests started in 1997. The drinking water quality of all water companies in the Netherlands is of at least reasonable quality. Waternet also provides tap water in neighbouring towns like Amstelveen, Diemen, Heemstede, Muiden and Ouder-Amstel.

Tap water in Amsterdam is safe to drink, buying water in bottles is not necessary (and this goes for the entire country). It does not smell of chlorine. It is often said that tap water is even healthier than mineral water you buy in the supermarket.
Also, Amsterdam water is soft water (it contains little calcium), so it is relatively safe for machines that use water (coffee makers, electric kettles, washers, shower heads, etc.)

Tap water

Tap water