News of: Wednesday, March 14 2012,

Amsterdam has dirtiest and most expensive hotels

Yesterday it became known that the Netherlands has the most expensive hotels in the Euro zone (the countries in Europe that have the Euro as currency).

Within the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the most expensive place to get a hotel, with a room price of E 124 per night, on average. This is an increase of 7% compared to the year before.

And not only are Amsterdam relatively expensive, they also do 'well' on the top 10 list of dirtiest hotels (according to Tripadvisor). In the top 10 list there are 4 Amsterdam hotels: hotel Y-boulevard, Manofa, The Globe and De Lantaerne.
Reviews about these hotels mention dirty, smelly rooms, cockroaches, bed bugs, rats and impolite staff.

A special city hotel employee says that on average the 370 hotels in Amsterdam do quite well in the reviews. He is talking with the 15 worst hotels, in order to see if improvement is possible.

Amsterdam tries to have more hotels built, in and around Amsterdam, as it expects a continuing growth of tourism and business visits.