News of: Wednesday, January 31 2007,

Amsterdam city authorities against boat for 16- youths in gay canal parade

The city authorities of Amsterdam have declared themselves against the participation of a boat for youths below 17 years of age.

The boat is supposed to take part in the yearly Canal Parade, Amsterdams gay pride tour through the Prinsengracht canal on the first Saturday in August.
The boat is an initiave of 14-year old Danny Hoekzema (see also our previous article).

Mayor Job Cohen says the age group is too vulnerable to take part in the boat tour. He understands the organizers want to do something for children aged 11 to 16, but urges that they organize something else.

The COC (one of the organizers) say they are 'disappointed with the attitude of the authorities'. The COC wants to make sure that the parents of the children also participate, and that the boats close to the teenager boat are not too erotic. They point out that the initiative comes from a teenager himself, and that families with children are among the audience too.
They still want the boat to take part in the parade.

The license for the canal parade still has to be issued by the city, which might refuse this.