News of: Thursday, September 18 2008,

Amsterdam car-free on Sunday September 21

On Sunday, Amsterdam will again be car-free for a day, between 10am and 5pm.

This means that cars and motor bikes can not enter the city, into the area within the ring road A10.
Car and motor bikes can leave the city, or drive in it, when they are already in town.

Parking on one of P+R locations at the borders of the city will be free for the day (they will be sign-posted).

Many cities around the world have a car-free Sunday. The goal for Amsterdam is to promote moving on foot, by bicycle and public transport, thereby also producing cleaner air.

Exceptions are made for taxis (this means you can take a taxi from the airport, if you arrive on September 21.

Last year, the car-free Sunday led to some aggression at the road blocks around the city, as many drivers were unaware of the car-free day. Amsterdam has therefore decided to put a lot more effort into information and communication.

More information (in Dutch only) is on the Amsterdam website.

There is also a map of road blocks and event locations (on the occasion of the car-free day there are many street events in town).