News of: Wednesday, August 22 2007,

Amsterdam again city with the most nationalities (177) in the world

The inhabitants of Amsterdam have together 177 different nationalities. This is up 1 from 2006.

In the previous year, 1 person from Malawi established himself in Amsterdam, increasing the number of nationalities in Amsterdam by 1.

The most common foreign nationalities are Moroccan, (64.588 persons), Turkish (37.421), British (10.244), German (6670) and Surinamese (5609).

Second on the list of nationalities is Antwerp (Belgium), with 164 nationalities, and third is New York (150 nationalities).

Amsterdam has a total of 743,104 inhabitants. 532,548 of them only have the Dutch nationality. Another 123,204 people have 2 passports, of which one is Dutch.