The Amsterdam ArenA is now in Amsterdam

News of: Wednesday, January 15 2014,

Amsterdam Zuidoost no longer separate place name

As of 1 January 2014, one source of confusion has been solved: all Amsterdammers now live in Amsterdam.

The municipality of Amsterdam consists of two areas. Amsterdam proper and the South East part of Amsterdam (with neighbourhoods Bijlmer, Gaasperdam, Reigersbos).

The South East part has always been physically separate from the rest of Amsterdam. In between 'Amsterdam' and 'Amsterdam Zuidoost' are the municipalities of Diemen and Duivendrecht.

The place name is used in all official addresses, thus causing confusion: people couldn't find things in online websites, such as (Holland's most important real estate website), or in routeplanners. Particularly the internet unfindability of real estate and social housing caused concern in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

From now on there's only one Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam ArenA is now in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam ArenA is now in Amsterdam