News of: Monday, August 06 2007,

Amsterdam Gay Canal Parade big success, but anti-gay violence reported too

The yearly Amsterdam Gay Pride tour through the canals of Amsterdam was a big success. Some 400,000 spectators were in town, and a record of 72 decorated boats took part.

One of the boats had the theme youngster below 16 years. The point they wanted to make was that for gays and lesbians of this age group there is nothing they can go to, to meet others of their own age. The boat was controversial, but after it had been arranged that parents would also be on the boat, the City of Amsterdam gave permission after all.

There was also a boat with heterosexuals, who wanted to make clear that they too are against the rise of anti-gay violence.
In the last few months, several anti-gay violence incidents have been reported in the press, some of which took place in Amsterdam. Even last weekend 2 couples have been beaten up. One of these men, an Irish visitor, suffered a broken jaw and nose, and dislocated neck, in what appears to be an anti-gay attack. He is being treated in hospital.

Other than this, there were hardly any incidents during the weekend, although various other bigger parties and festivals took place at the same time.