Amsterdam City Archives in Bazel building

News of: Friday, August 10 2007,

Amsterdam City Archives open again in building 'De Bazel'

The City Archives of Amsterdam have moved to another monumental building, De Bazel.

The building is a listed monument, and it was built for a bank in 1923, by architect Karel de Bazel (hence the name of the building).
Before the City Archives moved in, the building has been completely restored to its old glory.

In the building the 'memory of the city of Amsterdam' is stored. All official documents are archived in the building, such as birth certificates and marriage registers, but also maps, drawings, a library, and large archives of films, sounds and photographs.
For visitors who would like to carry out genealogical research about their Amsterdam ancestors the City Archives would be the first stop.

In the building there will also be regular exhibtions. The first exhibtion lasts until September 16, and is about the building itself.

The building is located at Vijzelstraat 32 (location), in the heart of Amsterdam.

Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10-5, and Sunday 11-5.

Amsterdam City Archives in Bazel building

Amsterdam City Archives in Bazel building