News of: Friday, September 14 2012,

American consulate Amsterdam closed because of demonstration

The American consulate in Amsterdam has closed because of a demonstration that was announced.

The demonstration, supposed at Museumplein (where the American consulate is located), is a reaction on the movie trailer of the film 'Innocence of Muslims'.
The trailer has sparked numerous protests in muslim countries and elsewhere, apparently particularly by radical muslims.

At this time, not much is known about who organizes the demonstration, or whether it is really going to take place, or when it will be.

The police say they know of two demonstrations, one on Friday afternoon and one on Sunday.

Travelling Americans are advised to stay away from Museumplein, and follow any advice issued by the American government.

Update 6pm: it has remained quiet so far near the American consulate on Museumplein. The announced demonstration took place on Dam Square, without any violence reported.