News of: Friday, April 27 2012,

Albert Heijn supermarkets in Amsterdam close on Queensday

Albert Heijn, Amsterdam's biggest supermarket chain, has announced it will close most of its shops in the center of Amsterdam on Queensday, April 30.

The measures follows after talks with the mayor of Amsterdam and the police. They seek possibilities to reduce alcohol sale on Queensday, which is the busiest day of the year in Amsterdam.

Measures include fining people for public intoxication, selling beer with a lower alcohol percentage than normal, and prohibiting on-street sale of alcohol.

Albert Heijn first considered just not selling alcohol on Queensday, but later decided this was too complicated. The supermarket then decided to close most of their branches in the center of Amsterdam.

Last year, there were more than 500 ambulance rides on Queensday that were due to alcohol abuse. The mayor, who is responsible for the city's law and order, seeks to reduce this number. The mayor thanked Albert Heijn for 'taking its responsibility'.