News of: Monday, October 15 2007,

Action group set up to 'save the magic mushroom'

An action group has been set up to fight the announced prohibition of the 'magic mushroom'.

With the slogan 'Red de Paddo' ('Save the Magic Mushroom') the group has set up a website (completely in Dutch). On the website people are asked to send protest e-mails to the Ministry of Justice.
Apparently, about 10,000 e-mails have already been sent.

The group uses various arguments against the prohibition, some of which are:
- they are not addictive
- nobody ever died of an overdose
- the mushrooms are natural, can be found in nature
- good information would reduce chances of a 'bad trip'
- the mushrooms will 'go underground', hence more health risks

Red de Paddo!
The logo distributed by the action group.