News of: Tuesday, August 23 2005,

Aalsmeer Flower Parade (Bloemencorso) has music as theme

The yearly large flower parade, the famous Aalsmeer Bloemencorso, will have music as a theme this year.

For the first time ever, each float will be resounding with melody. The procession will be divided into six musical sections. The first section will lead off with tunes from the top of the charts (with the 'Rolling Stones' in the first float). Next will come sections devoted to children's songs, country & western music, musicals, sentimental Dutch favourites, and rock & roll with 'Elvis Presley' on the final float.

The flower parade takes 3 days, and starts in Aalsmeer. Aalsmeer is a village close to Amsterdam, that has the famous flower auction, the largest in the world.

The parade will also be in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, the Flower Parade will not arrive on Dam Square this year. The nearest spot to Amsterdam center for the float to arrive will be Saturday 3rd of September around 2 pm at Stadionplein square (Olympic Stadium) and 2.30 PM at Hoofddorpplein.

Check the website: 'route' and 'programma' (also in English language!) for total program over the three days and exact locations, it also features the designs of the floats ('corsowagens').
To reach Stadionplein square at 2pm, you can take tram line 24 from Central Station (or from Dam Square, or Muntplein), to the end of the line. From Central Station the tram takes about 30 minutes.