Apartment ad on door in Warmoesstraat

News of: Thursday, July 11 2013,

9 Illegal hotels closed in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has closed down 9 illegal hotels.

The hotels were in 20 apartments, with a total of 182 beds. The apartments were unsafe (according to the fire brigade) and there was no license to run a hotel.

The City announced that a hundred more of these apartments will be investigated this summer. If tourists are found and the place is a fire hazard, the hotel will be closed down immediately. In most cases, the apartment owner will receive a fine of up to E 18,500.

The city estimates that about 2,000 apartments in Amsterdam are (often illegally) rented out to tourists, particularly in the centre and Amsterdam South.

The city will assist tourists with finding other accommodation, in cases of immediate closure of an illegal hotel.

Apartment ad on door in Warmoesstraat

Apartment ad on door in Warmoesstraat