News of: Thursday, April 07 2005,

17th century Frankendael Mansion not inhabited any more

The last remaining 17th century mansion in Amsterdam, 'Frankendael', will lose its last inhabitant.

Frankendael is a beautiful large house, located in the East part of Amsterdam in burrough Oost/Watergraafsmeer, not far from the centre.

The building dates from 1631 and was built after the Watergraafsmeer (then a lake) was made dry. In 1733 the house was enlarged and modernized by Izaak Balde van Franckendael, who gave it its current name.

The lady who currently resides in the house has agreed to move to a smaller accommodation. She does not regret the move, as the house caused her 'a lot of work'.

Burrough Oost/Watergraafsmeer, who owns the building, already had made the garden into a classic 18th century period garden. The garden extends into the Park Frankendael, at the back of the building.

The building will become a restaurant/café and will also become an official marriage location.

The entrance of Frankendael is located at Middenweg 72, and can be reached with tramline 9, from Central Station to stop 'Hugo de Vrieslaan'. The garden and park are open to the public.