News of: Tuesday, September 16 2014,

13 Year old Holland's Got Talent star to perform on Klassiek op het Amstelveld

Sofia Asgari was a sensation on 'Holland's Got Talent', and now she will perform in Amsterdam, on September 20.

September 20 is the second edition of the free open-air classical music festival 'Klassiek op het Amstelveld'.
One of the main performances will be by the opera singer Sofia Asgari, who at the age of 13 stunned the audience of the tv show 'Holland's Got Talent'.

Look here for her performance.

She will perform somewhere beteen 11am and 2pm, when there is the Open Podium (Open Stage) for children until 18 years.

2pm is the start of the main programme, which will last until 9.30pm.

More information (in Dutch) is also on Facebook.

Location: Klassiek op het AmstelveldFull screen map