News of: Sunday, June 17 2007,

111 West Africans arrested in Amsterdam South-East

Yesterday, the police have arrested more than 100 criminal foreigners from (mostly) Nigeria, in a cafe in Amsterdam South-East.

Many of the people arrested are suspected of internet fraud (sending millions of e-mails with attempts to get people to send money on the basis of false stories).
This type of crime is often committed by Nigerians, who operate from various countries, amongst which the Netherlands.

To make the arrests, the police closed off the entire area around the cafe (Het Vervolg) and only let out people with Dutch passports.

Most of the 111 arrested people will be sent back to the country where they came from. Some will be brought before a judge in the Netherlands.

In the past few years the Dutch police have cooperated intensively with other countries to try to stop this kind of internet fraud.